How We Make Our Glass

Hand-Made from Start to Finish

Large kiln in workshopEverything we make begins as sheets of hand-rolled glass, which we cut, shape and arrange into our designs before being fired in our kiln at temperatures of up to 835ÂșC. Depending on the temperature we fire to, we can achieve full fusion (a flat surface on the finished item), tack fusion (added pieces of glass, such as tiny bobbles or strands, are securely attached but still defined) or slump (gently bending a pre-fired item into a new shape using gravity). The glass has to be heated and cooled very carefully to avoid shattering or other undesirable results on the glass.

Subtle effects are achieved by layering glass, adding inclusions such as metals and mica, and re-firing, sometimes several times, with further grinding and smoothing to optimize the shapes. This adds dimension, texture and interest to each unique piece.

Due to the handcrafted nature of fused glass slight variations occur and are a favoured sign of the individual artisan provenance of the piece making it eye-catching, tactile and collectable.


Green Energy, Green Glass

Fusing glass in a kiln demands a lot of energy, and since we first established we have tried to consider the environmental impact our business has. With that in mind, we installed a solar array on our roof, allowing us to regularly generate energy more than sufficient to run our small kiln, and contribute substantially to the demands of the large kiln. So when you buy from us, you know that you’re not just getting beautiful glass, but green glass.